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Written by Abby Landon and Kaleb Eidsvoog.

For many young professionals, estate planning is the furthest thing from their mind, especially with the uncertain nature of today’s world. Some millennials feel that without children, with student loan debt, or with few overall assets, estate planning is an unnecessary investment that can always wait until the future. Others who have children are busy with the joys and challenges of daily life, so they postpone long term planning until tomorrow. As much as we may naturally not want to think about it, tragedy befalls the young as well as the old. Even the healthiest young professional should be prepared for the strain, both financial and emotional, that sudden death or disability can place on their friends and family.

At Wool Landon, estate planning is not a one-time purchase or a simple chore to finish online before you turn to something more fun; it is an investment that will grow with you. Starting early with the right planning and the right law firm provides a solid foundation upon which your estate can be built for years to come.

Estate planning is more than developing a Last Will and Testament that focuses on death and inheritance. A good plan includes a disability plan, and again, a disability plan is more than hastily prepared documents. Disability planning documents form a safety blanket that offers peace of mind and protection for your loved ones now. Without a disability plan, your family may find themselves filing expensive legal proceedings to obtain control of your health care and your assets. Sometimes that proceeding results in the “last person” you would want in control of your finances and your health care decisions.

The Dangers and Pitfalls of Do It Yourself Online Planning

Wool Landon’s Emerging Estate Plans offer the foundation for your emotional, social and financial legacy.

Wool Landon’s Emerging Estate Plans offer the foundation for your emotional, social, and financial legacy. Wool Landon ensures you have a Last Will and Testament, an Advance Directive, and a Power of Attorney but offers more: a comprehensive set of supporting documents; a relationship with a law firm and guidance on how the law applies to the choices you make for your care, for your loved ones, and especially for your minor children. Guidance from a professional in selecting your guardian and conservator will help you make the right decisions. Those decisions will smooth the transition in situations where guardianship is needed and lessen the burden on those who are tasked with your health and the health of your children.

Wool Landon works with your financial advisor in helping you begin to plan for the distribution of the assets you have now, as well as the ones you wish to grow in the years to come. It is not a common occurrence for a young family to be afflicted with early death and disability, but there is nothing rare about passing on a legacy at the end of a life well lived. Starting this plan early can ensure that as your life changes — with a marriage, purchase of a home, or birth of a child — your estate plan will be able to change as well. By matching you with a young associate who will be there as your estate grows, we can ensure that your planning needs will be met for years to come.

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