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A Multi-State Trust and Estate Practice.

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Disability Plans

Disability planning documents including Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, and/or Advance Directives plus the unique tools created by our Founder that are aimed at providing additional protections and assurances for individuals and families at every stage of life — from young adulthood through to elder care.

High Net Worth Estate Plans

High net worth tax and estate plans for young entrepreneurs with a recent liquidation event and for senior adults with generational wealth developed over time, including family limited liability holding companies (LLC), family limited partnerships (LLP), making gifts of interests to children through trusts both revocable and irrevocable, including Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT's), Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGT's), tax planning using incomplete-gift non-grantor trusts such as NING's and DING's, self-settled asset protection trusts, dynasty trusts, self-directed trustee arrangements, charitable trusts (CRAT's and CRUT's) and other charitable planning including developing a family foundation or a donor advised fund, Spousal Limited Access Trusts (SLATs), Lifetime Qualified Terminable Interest Trusts (QTIPs) and Lifetime Qualified Domestic Trusts (QDOTs), Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (GST) planning trusts. Trusts created at Wool Landon are customized by our team, designed to create maximum flexibility and simplified administrations, and include the “Pass-Through Trust” and the “ILIT Plus.”

International Estate Plans

Plans and trusts for US citizens with foreign assets and non-citizens living in the US, wills and trusts for non-citizen spouses and couples, planning for retirement plans and for entrepreneurs with rapid changes in domicile, residences and changes in asset values and business ownership, application of Qualified Domestic Trusts (QDOTs) and lifetime gifts to avoid US estate taxation.

Emerging Estate Plans and Plans for Families with Estate Assets Under $15M

To understand this category, a reader must know what an "Estate Asset" includes. It includes the value of retirement assets that pass by beneficiary designation, shares of family businesses, the death benefit of life insurance policies, and all taxable assets such as brokerage accounts and real estate wherever located.

Flat fees for young families with simple assets; these plans include wills, powers of attorney, advance directives for health care, and documents created by Wool Landon for ease of administration — with detailed advice on appointments of guardians and conservators, forward looking provisions such as including a trust protector for the benefit of your minor children, and inclusion in a plan maintenance program to ensure your plan grows with you.

Three additional tiers of flat fees for adults with beneficiaries over 25 years of age, who have well developed personal assets; these plans include flexible tax applications, detailed advice on appointments of successor trustees and personal representatives, customized beneficiary advice and applications.

Revocable (sometimes known as "living") trusts for estate and disability planning purposes, and other disability planning documents such as powers of attorney and medical advance directives with thoughtful advice on appointments.

Formation of LLCs for Family Businesses and Estate Planning Purposes:

Wool Landon relies on its excellent relationships with business law firms for such things as complex contracts, licensing agreements, all but the simplest real property transactions and other operating business legal matters. We develop family businesses for transition and estate planning purposes only. For estate planning purposes, business succession planning implemented with your chosen business lawyer who will be our partner in developing the right plan for your business.

Planning for Married Couples, Second Marriages, Marital Trusts (QTIP trusts) and Cohabitation Agreements

Pre-Marital (aka Prenuptial Agreements), Postnuptial Agreements, Cohabitation and Premarital hybrid agreements, Marital Trusts to preserve assets after a premature and unexpected death. Life insurance trusts to use life insurance for wealth replacement (ILIT) and many other plan documents for married couples.  Our Founder is the developer of the “State to State” series.   We prepare comprehensive plans for couples moving to or from a community property state to a separate property state like Oregon, and advice and counsel for cohabitating couples which includes important cross state planning.  We are LGBTQ friendly too.

Tax Advice and Counsel for Estates and Individuals Related to State Estate and Federal Estate and Gift Tax

We provide tax advice and opinions for estate, gift, and generation skipping, for individuals and their business succession plans. We prepare estate and gift tax returns working together with an accountant to be sure that the law and the tax coordinate.

One Stop Solution for Tax Preparation for Qualified Clients

Coming Soon.


General Trust and Estate Administration

Representing clients during every stage of trust and estate administration from basic funding of a revocable trust, creation and funding of irrevocable trusts including irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT’s), simple decedent’s trust administration and termination, through to long-term multi-generation trust administration — representing trustees, beneficiaries and grantors in monitoring their long term trusts (such as GRAT’s, IDGT’s and SLAT’s).  We also represent executors, personal representatives and beneficiaries in probates both simple and complex.

Cohabitation Agreements, Premarital Agreements (also known as Prenuptial and Antenuptial Agreements) and Post-Marital Agreements (Post Nuptial Agreements)

Our lawyers will create and negotiate a customized agreement for disposition of assets and liabilities for cohabitation, and in anticipation of marriage or for post marriage division of inheritances and other special situations. For cohabitating couples contemplating marriage at a later date, our founder has developed a hybrid agreement that continues to apply after marriage. We pay equal attention to divisions that might occur due to death, financial incapacity or dissolution of the relationship. We are also well versed in helping clients reach an agreement that will be binding if they relocate from one state to another during their relationship.


Probate and Trust Dispute Resolution and Litigation

The appointment and supervision of fiduciaries, such as guardians, conservators, personal representatives, and trustees, are handled in the strange and wonderful world of probate court. These cases operate on a different set of rules and principles than other areas of the law, with traps for unwary clients and attorneys alike.

When disagreements arise, Wool Landon will assist you and your family with any defensible disability planning, wrongful death claim, or trust and estate disagreement. This includes representing parties in Will Contests, Trust Disputes, Elder Abuse, Contested Trust Amendments, Fiduciary (Personal Representatives, Agents under a Power of Attorney and Trustee) disputes, and enforcement of disability documents. Our firm’s goal is to avoid these disputes at the planning stage, which is why we hope we are the law firm to prepare your estate and disability plans.

We develop our plans, in part, to avoid disputes. We are highly successful in doing so, especially for clients who are actively monitoring and updating their plan with us. When we haven’t created the plan, and occasionally even when we have, disagreements between beneficiaries and fiduciaries may arise. Our firm’s trial team brings the litigation skill and courtroom experience to prosecute issues that cannot be resolved amicably. Although the outcome of any litigation is uncertain, our lawyers will carefully provide good news, bad news, analysis, and strategy so our clients make informed decisions.

Elder Financial Abuse

Oregon Law Includes aggressive penalties for wrongfully taking the money or other property of a person 65 years old or older. In addition to criminal penalties, ORS 124.100 provide for recovery of three times the amount of economic and noneconomic damages and attorney’s fees. Whether you or a loved one have been the victim of abuse, or you have been accused of abuse, early consultation with a lawyer familiar with these laws can result in a much better outcome than you would be likely to obtain alone. Wool Landon can help you evaluate allegations of elder abuse to determine whether they are likely to give rise to liability and pursue or defend such claims in court, when appropriate.

Tax Controversies

In addition to helping our clients structure their business and estate plans to appropriately mitigate tax obligations, Wool Landon is also available to shepherd clients through controversies with the state and federal tax authorities. We know these matters can be stressful and expensive. Knowledge about the process and the likely outcomes will help you get the lay of the land and chart your course forward.


Not every court case comes out the way that it should and sometimes cases that do come out the way they should are appealed by an opposing party that cannot accept the judge’s ruling. Wool Landon is available to help you evaluate the viability of an appeal, and to prosecute or defend those appeals, even if we were not the firm that handled the underlying matter. Let our experienced team of professionals evaluate your case so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

Professional Regulation and Legal Ethics

The basic ethics of the legal profession are straight forward; tell the truth, treat your client’s confidences with respect, keep your trust account records in good order and clients happy, and hope you never hear from the Bar’s Discipline Department. Most of the time, that is good enough. However, when you really need to know the ins and outs of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the insight that comes from having litigated those rules is invaluable. Our office includes one of a handful of lawyers practicing in the state who have argued multiple attorney discipline matters before the Oregon Supreme Court. If you become a client of Wool Landon, he can put that experience to work for you.

If you have a question regarding your professional obligations or are looking for assistance to respond to an inquiry from the regulatory authority, Wool Landon can help. Theodore Reuter particularly enjoys discussing issues of legal ethics, and can often offer some initial thoughts as a professional courtesy.

Emerging Estate Plan

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